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Kalina Bontcheva
WeVerify technology helps fight coronavirus misinformation

Our verification plug-in is being used for debunking disinformation about the coronavirus in numerous countries (USA, France, India, Portugal, Netherlands, Colombia, Ecuador, Mauritius), and languages

Kalina Bontcheva
WeVerify partner contributes to First Draft’s Analysis of Misinformation and Online Abuse

In the run-up to the UK 2019 general election, the WeVerify partner University of Sheffield carried out a longitudinal quantitative analysis of abusive tweets targeting

Special Issue on Disinformation, Hoaxes and Propaganda within Online Social Networks and Media

CALL FOR PAPERS Elsevier - Online Social Networks and Media Journal Special Issue on Disinformation, Hoaxes and Propaganda within Online Social Networks and Media Submission

Olga Papadopoulou
Media and Journalism Students verifying with a WeVerify component – Context Aggregation and Analysis

On 12 December 2019, the MeVer team of MKLab CERTH-ITI launched a user study during a  Media Informatics Lab session in collaboration with Professor Andreas

ICCV 2019. Photo by Giorgos Kordopatis-Zilos
Jochen Spangenberg
WeVerify at ICCV 2019 – participation in one of the world’s leading conferences on computer vision

From 27 October to 2 November 2019, WeVerify project partner CERTH participated in the International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) 2019 in Seoul, Korea. The

WeVerify at Truth and Trust Online

On the 4th and 5th of October 2019, WeVerify members participated in the first Truth and Trust Online conference (TTO) in London, UK. TTO is

London summer school participants
London Summer School on Computational Misinformation Analysis

The WeVerify and SoBigData ( projects co-organized a summer school on misinformation analysis in London. The event took place at King's College at the end

The BBC's Dhruti Shah (photo by Jochen Spangenberg)
Jochen Spangenberg
A variety of tools, knowledge and skills are important in the world of fact-checking and verification, according to BBC journalist Dhruti Shah

In late 2018, in the context of Deutsche Welle’s various verification projects and activities, I talked to Dhruti Shah of the BBC’s User Generated Content

Sam Dubberley. (Photo by Jochen Spangenberg)
Jochen Spangenberg
Interview with Amnesty’s Sam Dubberley on verification challenges and approaches

In late February 2019, I (Jochen Spangenberg) conducted an exclusive interview for WeVerify with Sam Dubberley, an acknowledged expert in the verification sphere. Sam works

Denis Teyssou
Deconstructing Zuck’s deep fake

The recent so-called "deep fake" circulating on Instagram involving Mark Zuckerberg allegedly telling the ‘truth’ about privacy on Facebook was another episode of the fearful