Month: July 2019

London summer school participants
London Summer School on Computational Misinformation Analysis

The WeVerify and SoBigData ( projects co-organized a summer school on misinformation analysis in London. The event took place at King's College at the end

The BBC's Dhruti Shah (photo by Jochen Spangenberg)
Jochen Spangenberg
A variety of tools, knowledge and skills are important in the world of fact-checking and verification, according to BBC journalist Dhruti Shah

In late 2018, in the context of Deutsche Welle’s various verification projects and activities, I talked to Dhruti Shah of the BBC’s User Generated Content

Sam Dubberley. (Photo by Jochen Spangenberg)
Jochen Spangenberg
Interview with Amnesty’s Sam Dubberley on verification challenges and approaches

In late February 2019, I (Jochen Spangenberg) conducted an exclusive interview for WeVerify with Sam Dubberley, an acknowledged expert in the verification sphere. Sam works