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Plugin tools view
View of the newly re-designed verification plugin

The new redesigned verification plugin

We have launched in September 2021 a new redesigned version of the InVID verification plugin (0.75). This popular browser extension has more than 50k users (journalists, fact checkers, human rights defenders, academics, OSINT researchers) worldwide near the end of WeVerify (usage increased by x7 during the project timeline). It has been considerably enhanced with WeVerify tools such as Image context analysis (on Facebook and Twitter), Optical Character Recognition in Images (OCR), FactChecks search, Cross-network search, Twitter social network analysis module. A new virtual Assistant guides users between the different tools and provides several other services such as link extraction, matching the content against a credibility service or the Database of Known Fakes (DBKF). Search by similarity through the DBKF is also accessible through the plugin contextual menu. The toolkit is also completed by a demo content and a classroom (both enhanced within the YouCheck! media literacy EU project) and a new improved and re-designed Forensic feature and a new standalone forensic tool (CheckGIF). Both those two tools were developed in EnVisu4 project funded by the Fact-Checking Innovative Initiative. 


Advanced tools menu
View of the advanced tools menu of the verification plugin

To avoid misuse and to save computing power, some of the advanced tools (Twitter SNA, CheckGIF and GIF export on Forensic) are only accessible on registration and are reserved for journalists, fact-checkers and researchers working on disinformation. If you think you qualify, you can apply for registration directly from the plugin advanced tools menu (see the above image). 

At the moment, this new version is available on Chrome and has been updated automatically (Ed: you may have to close and reopen your Chrome browser) through the Chrome store if you used any previous version. The plugin also works on Opera browser by installing first the Opera add-on Install Chrome Extensions.

A version for Firefox is in preparation (but we are still struggling with Facebook authentication within Firefox). 

Download for Chrome

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