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InVID WeVerify verification plugin
The new redesigned InVID – WeVerify verification plugin

We are launching today a new redesigned version of the InVID verification plugin. The browser extension is now maintained by our WeVerify innovation action. We conceived this extension as a verification “Swiss army knife” helping journalists, fact-checkers and human rights defenders to debunk disinformation. We will enhance it in the next months with new tools.


Facebook authentication


The new version gives again the possibility to analyze Facebook videos. To be able to do so, you need to authenticate with Facebook. By the way, we do not collect any personal data. Facebook now requires your Id to enable you to get access to their information.


Facebook login within the Analysis tool (Video contextual verification)

We have corrected a few bugs from the last version. We provide also new features for media literacy like a classroom with videos and the possibility to upload locally pedagogical content. The interactive demo that we showcased in March in the SXSW festival at the European House in Austin, is now part of the plugin as a way to discover ‘real life’ examples and verification methods.



New video tutorial


Similarly, we updated the tutorial with a video (in each language) for each feature available. Those videos are available in the tutorial page or in the main tools page by clicking on the (i) sign. We have also revised the forensic tool explanations to make them more “human readable” and less cryptic.

As a result of the redesign, the feedback button is now located on the bottom right of the screen. Please use it: it helps us to build better tools !


For Chrome and Firefox


The Chrome version is updated automatically (Ed: you may have to close and reopen your Chrome browser) through the Chrome store.

Download for Chrome

For Firefox users, you need to download an xpi file on GitHub.

We recommend you to use the download option in zip provided by GitHub (the green button on the right of the above GitHub page). 

Unzip the file to get the xpi, go to Firefox, type about:addons in the url bar, drag & drop the xpi file into Firefox extensions page and the plugin should install immediately (see attached screenshots). 

Alternatively, you can use the cog-wheel and the option Install Add-on From File (see screenshot below).

Firefox menuIn both cases, you should get this: 

If have any installation issue (like Firefox saying the file is corrupt), you should look at this Mozilla page to find a patch.

Download for Mozilla Firefox


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