Ontotext AD

Organisation Profile:


Ontotext AD is a leading developer and provider of semantic technology with a unique combination of text analytics, content enrichment, search and an enterprise-grade graph database engine (GraphDB™). Ontotext has developed a publishing platform, containing a set of tools for curation, data integration and enrichment. Since 2015 Ontotext has also been working on language technology for analysing rumors on social media, which led to the creation of a fact checking assistant tool (shortlisted in 2016 for the EC Innovation Radar Award).


Role in the Project:


ONTO will coordinate the overall project as well as lead WP3, where, together with ATC, they will implement the WeVerify open platform for decentralised content verification. Building on its expertise in solution development, platforms targeting media and publishing, and development of open-source tools, ONTO will thus orchestrate and integrate the contributions of the project’s technology providers.