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This tool was developed within previous EU projects (InVID, Reveal) and is maintained and extended in WeVerify. The tool consists of a set of image forensics algorithms that try to find traces of forgeries in the query images. 

Within WeVerify, the user interface is redesigned aiming to provide better user experience, two image forensics algorithms were implemented as part of the tool which was a work done during Year 1 and three more algorithms were implemented during Year 2 from which two are based on deep learning approaches. Finally, a fusion method is developed in order to combine the diverse outputs from the forensics algorithms of the tool. 

Image forensics approach:

  • Input: Url of an image or a video frame
  • Analysis of the media item
  • API Result: Each algorithm extracts a heatmap.

Available as:

  • Standalone demo at 
  • REST API – programmatically accessible using HTTPs requests in order to be integrated within WeVerify or third parties.. 
  • Integrated with InVID-WeVerify Verification plugin
  • Integrated with Truly Media.

In case of interest, requests for trial should be made by email to stating the purpose of use.

Take a quick tour with our demo recording

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