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The tool aims to facilitate the verification of user-generated images that derives from Facebook and Twitter and videos from Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. It leverages on the context surrounding the media item and not the media item itself. It collects all publicly available metadata, analyzes them and creates a verification report. 

The tool was developed within the InVID project and supported the analysis of videos. In WeVerify, we extended the tool to support the analysis of images and implemented a set of new features (e.g. a subset of the comments containing links). 

CAA approach:

  • Input: Url of a Facebook post or a tweet sharing an image or a URL of a YouTube video or a Facebook post or tweet sharing a video
  • Analysis of the context surrounding th media item
  • API Result: Verification report

Available as:

  • Standalone demo at
  • REST API – programmatically accessible using HTTPs requests in order to be integrated within WeVerify or third parties.. 
  • Integrated with InVID-WeVerify Verification plugin
  • Integrated with Truly Media.

In case of interest, requests for trial should be made by email to stating the purpose of use.

Take a quick tour with our demo recording

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