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Below you can find the ever-growing list of WeVerify presentations.

Measuring What Counts: The Case of Rumour Stance Classification

Revisiting and re-evaluating rumour stance classification

WeVerify presentation at #Semiform2020


Deepfake detection

WeVerify presentation at CIRCOM

Technological Approaches to Online Misinformation: Major Challenges Ahead

Knowledge-based fusion for image tampering localization

WeVerify Wébinaire OIF sur la désinformation Internet

COVID-19 Disinformation: Why it matters and why should you get involved

WeVerify presentation at EBU Workshop

WeVerify presentation at DeepTech2020

WeVerify presentation at ArTec2020

Understanding Online Misinformation: Major Challenges Ahead

Context Aggregation and Analysis: A Tool for User- Generated Video Verification.

WeVerify presentation at JRC Workshop 2019

Approaches for Tackling Online Misinformation

WeVerify presentation at DIGILIENCE 2019

Understanding Online Misinformation: Major Challenges Ahead

Presentation at Verification – Factchecking Meeting at EBU Geneva

Detecting and verifying online rumours

WeVerify presentation at DW

WeVerify presentation at the Countering Online Disinformation workshop

ViSiL: Fine-grained Spatio-Temporal Video Similarity Learning

FIVR: Fine-Grained Incident Video Retrieval

Reverse Video Search on Large-scale Media Collections

Hands on verification training for journalists